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Sketches at VelanCan DoThe Crotch HoundCrossingRock, Paper, ScissorsLost?Shaka Zorilla
Cartoon of one of those knights having one of those days.
Sketching at Albany Anthrocon
Sketching at Albany Anthrocon: I am an artist, really...
Portal: Dragon pondering the local magical construct.
Secret Weapon
Secret Weapon: Illustration for a story about a dragon gather.
Seductress' Spell 1
The Seductress' Spell (1): A sorceress has some surprises for her date...
Seductress' Spell 2
The Seductress' Spell (2): ...who finds himself in a unique situation.
Independent Study
Independent Study: A student wizardess hones her shapeshifting skills.
New Genes
New Genes: A young genius' girlfriend volunteers for an experiment, and is strangely pleased with the results.
At a loss...
At a loss...: A furry rendition of a typical gathering of my real-life friends.
Transference: If a statue comes to life, whose life does it come to?
No Entrance
No Entrance: The set of an existentialist play.
What the Tortoise Said to Achilles: The Lewis Carroll story illustrated.
Knight Move
Knight Move: If life is a game, these humanoid equines are ready to make the next move.
Irreproducible Results
Irreproducible Results: A scientist has something to hide about his lab's new creation.
Hoard: A tiny dragon and his hoard. Everyone's got to start somewhere.
Summoned: A powerful being is conjured from another dimension.
Tempus Fugit
Tempus Fugit: A symbolic piece.
Can Do
Can Do: A horse enters the work force.
The Crotch Hound
The Crotch Hound: Yes, those legs really do go all the way up, but that's no excuse...
Crossing: Things look bad for this reckless young buck.
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Rock, Paper, Scissors: Three "elemental" characters with bad blood between them.
Lost?: Theseus has met his match.
Shaka Zorilla
Shaka Zorilla: Skunk gettin' down on the electric guitar.

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