An ambigram is a word or words lettered so as to be legible from more than one vantage point. Many exhibit rotational symmetry, reading the same when turned 180 degrees, but other ways are possible, such as reflective symmetry, which would read the same in a mirror. Making an ambigram is a creative exercise of give and take, balancing legibility and symmetry.
I am moving my gallery to Tumblr! I will be steadily adding examples of old and new work. Whenever something makes me think "I could do that much better now than I did then," that is what I'll do before adding it to the new gallery. If you liked the web better in the twentieth century, you can still look at the old gallery, frames and all.
To commission a custom ambigram design:

The Cheap Fun Option: This is the one to go with when you just want to see your name ambigrammed and go "oh cool". For US $22, I will improvise a quick solution and draw it by hand. The result will be raster only. You don't get revisions; you just take your chances. Do not expect miracles of legibility. That said, it is still going to be pretty good and probably better than you expect. This option allows you personal use only.


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The Professional Option: This is what to choose if you need something that looks good in print. For US $151, I will find the best solution, fit it to the style you prefer, and refine every curve with the full force of my expertise. You will get a scalable vector graphic in PDF format and any other format you need. I will make as many revisions as necessary, within reason, until you are satisfied with the result. Rights for commercial use are included.

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