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Have a nice day.

The most two-faced ambigram yet, highlighting the relationship between the spoken and the unspoken.

Many have asked, "But how am I to use such a shirt, being not sufficiently limber to do a handstand at will?"
Recommended: Wish someone a nice day, deriving secret satisfaction from the intended subtext and the knowledge that the target probably does not see your sentiment hiding in plain sight even after you have drawn attention to it.
Aggressive: If you are secure in your might and in an effectively lawless environment, force the target into a position where he may read your shirt upside down.
Clever: Some of the people you are more likely to want to receive your message are those who are asking you to figuratively "bend over backwards" for them. Note that this is what is being demanded of you, and then acquiesce literally. This is a very vulnerable position, so be absolutely sure that the target will not react in a physical manner.
Advanced: Turn around and pull the front of the shirt up above your head so that the print can be read over your shoulder. This is harder than it seems, and requires that you feel safe turning your back on the target and comfortable baring your chest to whomever may be on the other side of you.